How To Create The Perfect Working Environment At Home

June 19, 2020

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If you’re anything like the rest of the country, it’s clear that you could be working from home like me. It’s now become a sort of common practice and this is why it’s so important to have somewhere that keeps your motivation as good as if you were still in the office.

Even if you just use it as somewhere for the kids to do their homework or to surf the web occasionally, it’s got to be good enough so you can work efficiently. However, if you’re like me, you’ll want it to be a space that looks stylish too – don’t think that just because it’s your office that you can’t show off your decor taste.

So, I’m here to look at some of the ways you can create the perfect, productive working environment. 


Home office with palm plant and bookcase


Choose The Right Room Carefully

Often, the unused bedroom or extra sitting room is used as the office and for good reason. Whether you like to be near the kitchen or away from where you sleep, I’d recommend (if you can) keeping your office away from where you relax and unwind.

You won’t want any distractions, so place your office out of the way of noise from the rest of the house, which means a big no to the kitchen and living room. Also be careful not to pick a room that’s too big as it’s likely to get used as the dumping ground!


Think About Lighting

Most of us like to have plenty of natural light when it comes to our work space, so a room with a larger window that isn’t too overshadowed is ideal.

As well, a room that faces north so it doesn’t get cooked by the sun is better too – nothing worse than having to work in a stuffy room! Although natural light trumps artificial, you’re going to need something on those dark December evenings. Don’t light up your room too much, but instead opt for a stylish office lamp to keep the artificial light at bay.

I love my copper lamp with a marble base.


Home office with large piece of art on the wall and colourful bookcase



While bright and engaging colours are a great addition to other rooms, your office should generally be more toned down and help you get into the working mood. This means keep the colour palette relatively neutral like white, greys and magnolia.

Don’t feel like everything has to be boring, but you want to save space for your work and having too much decor can make it look too busy and overwhelming. 



While a large desk and comfortable office chair is a must, it’s worth spending some time looking at other furniture options. If you have a lot of paper work, then shelves and a spacious desk is important. Corner desks are great, for not only are they nice and big and a good use of the space, but the computer screen in the corner will reduce the risk of eye strain. 

I recently had to get rid of my luxury-looking, faux leather office chair (see photo above) for a not-so-stylish mesh back office chair. It is super comfy and does the job a lot better, but doesn’t look half as nice!



One of the most important features of any room! You can get away with a flooring that isn’t so practical such as solid wood or carpet as it’s not a room that’s going to see much exposure to water and stains. While carpet is comforting and soft, real wood is a bit more official and business like therefore perfect for your office!

I have laminate flooring in my office, complete with a fluffy rug.

Home office with pink fluffy rug on the floor

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